Smith grew up on a farm in North Central Arkansas. From an early age, he was gifted in equipment and operations. Smith graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and was offered his first role as a field engineer. Smith Oil and Gas was formed in 2009 after capital was gathered by consulting for other operators.
In 2016 we diversified our services and the name was changed to Smith Resources. SR is made up of self-motivated professionals with a strong work ethic, business adeptness, and negotiation skills. We have proven ability to succeed in high-pressure environments.

Asset Recovery

Smith offers services for financial institutions seeking to recover collateral on defaulted accounts. We focus on the key areas of this service being discretion, professionalism, planning, and execution. Once located, our goal is to safely gain possession, transport, and secure the asset with minimal inconvenience regard... Read More


Smith Resources offers both field and desk consulting services. When operating in unconventional plays, wells need to be treated on an individual basis to generate optimum production (i.e. difference in gross height, rock properties, hydrocarbon type, etc.). We believe that when past operational experience, failure, and ... Read More
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Natural Gas

If we look at methane gas, we find that when burned there are no environmentally harmful by-products. The continental US has an over abundance of natural gas produced from unconventional reservoirs. This can be observed by storage numbers as well as the commodity market. Burning coal as opposed to methane to generate ele... Read More
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